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About Zenica-Doboj Canton

Zenica Doboj Canton is one of ten administrative units of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in Central Bosnia, and borders with Sarajevo Canton, Tuzla Canton and Middle Bosnia Canton, and also Doboj and Banja Luka Region.
Canton covers the area of 3950 km2, mostly highland territories, where live about 400 000 inhabitants from different ethnic groups. The greatest part of Canton is situated in the river Bosnia valley, whose source springs above the mountain Igman at Vrelo Bosne, the well-known picnic ground of Sarajevo, nearly 70 km away from Zenica. One part of the country was named by the name of this river.
Downstream the river Bosnia, there is seven towns of the Canton: Visoko, Kakanj, Zenica Zepce, Zavidovici, Maglaj and Doboj Jug. Except mentioned towns, there are five more towns in Zenica Doboj Canton: Olovo, Breza, Vares, Tesanj and Usora.
Through the river Bosnia passes the highway M-17, which connects highway Beograd –Zagreb, from Salvonski Brod to Sarajevo, and further to Metkovici, Opuzen, Neum, Dubrovnik, Split.
Zenica Doboj Canton has relatively great sources of coal (about 420 million tones reserves), iron ore and other mineral ores, that made a basis for development of metallurgy and metal processing capacities. 59% of the Canton was covered with forests with a significant stock of timber mass (40 million m3) that provided opportunity for development of timber and wood processing industry and producing of cellulose and paper.
Big part of the Canton area is farmland that is suitable for development of fruit growing, stock raising and vegetable farming, and on this basis it is very suitable for healthy food producing, starting with milk products, meat and processed meat products, and fruit and vegetable processed products.
Mining, metallurgy, metal industry, wood processing industry, furniture producing industry, agricultural and food industry, textile industry, leather producing industry caused the intensive development of trading, so the traders from this area are well-known even across the borders of our country.