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In the oldest historical period of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the last centuries of old era and the first centuries of new era, this area was Illyricum, the province that with continuous land grabs and often rebellions had made many troubles to the Roman Empire, till the end of the West Roman Empire. Attacks from Goths, Avars and Slavs had been rotating till 7th century when Slavs permanently inhabited this area.
In this area people had lived during the times that are older than remembering. Archaeological evidences make us conclude that the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the area of Zenica Doboj Canton, had knowledge of producing iron and steel. Some other historical sources say that in this Area Phoenicians had made weapons for Roman legions. About Roman metallurgy, there are many evidences like a lot of iron dross. Metallurgy had been maintained during the Middle Age. During the Ottoman Empire period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 1463 till 1878, water blacksmiths in Vares had great importance. The Upper Bosna, around the town of Visoko, which is today the part of Zenica Doboj Canton, It was the centre of Mediaeval Bosnian State that used to be one of the most powerful states of the South Slavs, covering even some of areas of surrounding countries, Adriatic coast and islands.
The fact that in this area is that famous border of worlds, civilizations, religions and opinions, determined the historical destiny of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was attacked from the East and from the West. The most usual reason for aggression was its multiculturalism; in frame of it was existed Catholicism, Orthodoxy, but also Bogomilsm that was different from both of mentioned religious dogmas. Concerning Bogomilism as a heretic dogma, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a target of attacks in one time from Roman Pope, and in another of Byzantine Emperor. All these attacks had exhausted the state, so the growing force from the East, the Ottoman Empire, without any kind of resistance conquered the Mediaeval Bosnian state in 1463.
The Ottoman Empire was in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 400 years. Berlin Congress allowed Austro – Hungarian Monarchy to conquer Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878. On the basis of that decision The Austro Hungarian Monarchy stayed here for 40 years that made deep impacts on our development.