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Tourist resources

Thanks to terrain which it houses, Zenica Doboj Canton has plenty attractive and interesting natural tourist resources, which could satisfy wild and untouched nature enthusiasts, idyllic countryside devotees, and also, past times trails seekers.
Covering the valleys of the rivers Bosna, Krivaja, Usora and their affluent rivers, Zenica Doboj Canton gives plenty possibilities for fishing, and adventurers will take their breath away enjoying the view of wild waterfalls, canyons and river-rapid suitable for different kinds of water sports. Families and youth, and also other people may find ideal rest – time in shade of forests on the rivers’ banks during hot summer days.
It hasn’t still enough explored how many mineral water springs are hidden under the rocky hills and mountains of Zenica Doboj Canton. Many of them are already well-used in meaning of packing and exporting even to other continents just because of their quality. Mother Nature enriched this area by plenty springs of healthy thermal mineral waters, which help many sick people to find cure or at least relief. The best examples for that are the thermal springs enriched with healing minerals in Olovo, Kakanj, Breza, Tesanj and Vares.
The Canton area is mostly covered with the hills and mountains, rich in deciduous and evergreen forests that hide unimagined riches for hunters, medicine herbs and berries collectors. Beautiful plateaus and belvederes houses mountain huts that were opened for every nature devotee.
Natural beauties, which will not leave anyone indifferent, allure excursionists to hike well-known roads and to spend unforgettable time in vacation resorts near tons. All skiers during winter time provide ideal ski-slopes.
Cultural and historical monuments, integrated in rich natural and urban mosaic, will testify to all visitors about ancient and turbulent history of this area, about rising and continuance Mediaeval Bosnian State and its kings, about battles battled for its integrity, and about always existing difference of cultures, religions and nations in this area.
Many mediaeval tombstones were founded; one of the most beautiful is tombstone from Zgosca near Kakanj. Surely, it could be claimed that the area of Zenica Doboj Canton as central and most protected part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, rulers, starting with Kulin Ban and king Tvrtko I as the greatest one, had their residences. The most important monuments from this time are the medieval fortresses in Tesanj, Maglaj, Vranduk, Bobovac, Visoko. There are many, hundreds years old, mosques, churches, synagogues, which testify difference of religions that used to live and still do here. The most famous are Kursumlija Mosque in Maglaj, Ferhadija Mosque in Tesanj, Sultan – Ahmed Mosque, well-known as Carsijska Mosque, in Zenica, old over 500 years, Franciscan Monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska, built in 13th century, ruins of Basilica in Breza, Synagogue in Zenica and many others.
We shouldn’t forget other important tourist resource of this area ant that is ecologically clean environment. Mountainous areas are rich in crystal clean waters and fresh air that is especially suitable for cure of lung diseases.
Visitors of Zenica Doboj Canton have on their disposal over 30 hotels, motels and pensions whose service quality will satisfy every guest. Many restaurants with specialities of national and international cuisine were built in ambiences which will attract members of all generations; modern buildings and western style interiors, specific oriental and Bosnian styles and ambiences where you can feel centurial tradition. Specifically that tradition, which could be seen in folk costumes, specific architecture, menu richness, small craft workshops that are now just souvenirs shops, kept in old towns of Maglaj, Tesanj and Visoko is possibly one of the most important tourist resources of the Canton.