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Restaurant "Dubrovnik"

Address: Masarykova 48 Zenica
Contact person: Dervišević Ferid - Feđa
Contact phone: +387 32 202 700
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ID: 4318039000002

Restaurant "Dubrovnik" is an excellent Bosnian restaurant. 

It is widely known for the secialities of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, but it also has a great menú for devotees of continental cuisine. 

There are fish and seafood dishes, Dalamtian, Bosnan, Italian and internatioal meals on the menú. Culture of wine is one of the strategic aims of the restaurant. You can smell the summer and Dalamatia during the all seasons in restaurant "Dubrovnik" in Zenica. 
House speciality is baked octopus, and there are over 50 different wine cards in the offer. 

Tamburitza orchestra and kind staff round the experience. 



Posebna pozornost pridaje se specijalitetu kuće hobotnica ispod saća i vinskoj karti koja broji preko 50 biranih etiketa. Dodatni ugođaj i raspoloženje upotpunjuje tamburaški orkestar kao i prijatno osoblje.


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