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Municipality of Breza covers the area of 83 km² and compared to the newest statistic facts there live about 17 000 inhabitants.
Breza is a part of Zenica-Doboj Canton and shares borders with four municipalities: Ilijas, Kakanj, Vares and Visoko. Its position, configuration and consistence of the ground, climate, water richness, historical heritage and existing catering and sport and recreation establishments, are the excellent basis for and perspective for development of tourism in this area.
Breza, as settlement, in its history dates since 2nd century AC and was named Hedum Castelum, which means Inhabited Castle.
Today, Breza is lively and gentle town settled in the river Stavnja valley, which is, following the words of one English travel writer from 1875., connected to the "the most beautiful ravine of the world", confirming that "he never saw nothing that could be compared with it". In comparison to these words, it is obviously that the nature was very generous here. In the same time, many archaeological artefacts ad ruins of antic basilica from 6th century testify that Breza was an important place for meeting civilizations and cultures.
Olympic and children pools fulfilled with thermal water (19°C) in the green heart of the town, numerous mountain and hill weekend resorts just near the town, offer unexpected possibilities for sport and recreation activities, fishing and hunting and also religious and country tourism.

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