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Doboj Jug

Municipality of Doboj Jug is one of the newly formed municipalities made because of the war. The area that is covered by the municipality is not big and it is 10 km², but its advantage, compared with other municipalities, is great traffic connections. It is on the traffic ways Zenica –Doboj Jug-Doboj and Zenica- Doboj Jug-Usora-Tesanj –Teslic.
Doboj Jug is 60 km distant from Zenica and about 160 km from Sarajevo.
Area that is covered by Doboj Jug was inhabited even in prehistoric times, that is confirmed by existence one of the most important archaeological sites - the hill Vila. On this site, it was found Roman cemetery, tombstone made from limestone with the script that shows us the first known names of the inhabitants of this area, coins (big bronze coins of Alexander Sever, and small bronze coins of empress of Magniae Urbicae and Crips).
Doboj Jug is set in the triangle between rivers Usora and Bosna. The banks of these rivers are suitable for fishing development. Many different fishing competitions are being organized in this area because the river interspaces are suitable for sport fishing.
In the area of Doboj Jug there is well-known hunting space called Dubrave. During hunting season this area is rich in foxes, rabbits and pheasants.
In the settlement Karuse in the municipality Doboj Jug, there is famous Tanks Graveyard that reminds on the war horrors and warns that these horrors should never be happen again.

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