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Municipality of Maglaj is set alongside the highway M-17 between Zenica and Doboj. It was founded in 15th century. The river Bosna divides Maglaj in two parts – the right one with its mahalas, old Bosnian houses and public fountains, decorated with the castle Gradina with its five towers (Dizdar’s, Kapi, Sir - bey’s, Capitain’s and Clock tower); and the left one that was built in the second part od 19th century with schools, sport and culture facilities. The tourists can stay at the hotel “Galeb”, which has modern programs and attractions, restaurant, bowling hall and billiard hall.

On the right bank of the river Bosna there are three mosques and the most important one is Kuršumlija or Jusuf – bey’s mosque.

During the year Maglaj offers cultural and sport manifestations to all its visitors.


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