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Vares is a small mountainous town set about 829 meters above sea level. It is set in the valley of the river Stavnja, and surrounded by mountains Kapija, Stijene, Zvijezda and Perun.
Great ore richness is hidden under the Vares mountains and hills, and there are some indications that iron ore was dug there even in ancient times. In the mine called Smreka, miners’ tools, which were possibly dated in Roman Empire time, were found and also one stone table with the name Vilicius Procurator, which signed the foreman of the important mine. Vares village Dubostica was considered as a repository by the king Tvrtko because this village was the capital of mining in this area.
Unusual beauty of this area offers numerous possibilities for summer and winter tourism development especially the rural one. Hospitality of the domestic people could be taken as a sample in the branch. Crossed by crystal clear springs and rivers, bubbly flows rich in trout, the mountain Zvijezda is some kind of medicine for eye and soul.
Fishponds on Pogar and Strnice, resort Doli, the river Orlja, Jozo Klaric and his rural household, the village of Ocevija and its mediaeval water powered blacksmiths, Bobovac castle are just some of many sites that makes Vares beautiful.
All mentioned is approachable as by foot as bay car, too, and offers great opportunity for active holiday, long walks, skiing and recreation.

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